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5735 College St

Beaumont, TX 77707

Dress Code

  • No head bands/wraps/bandanas/beanies or hats
  • Pants must be worn at waist
  • Shorts must be appropriate in length (We determine what is appropriate)
  • No strapless tops
  • No crop tops, or tops exposing a bare midriff
  • No visible undergarments
  • No excessive cleavage
  • No drug references on clothing
  • No explicit images or language on clothing
  • No hoods (Hoodie jackets may be worn but the hood must be down at all times)

Dress code is subject to change.

Rules of Conduct

  • Skaters shall skate at a reasonable speed. If you are passing more skaters than are passing you, slow down!
  • Skaters shall not skate in a reckless manner, weave in or out, play tag, or skate in a manner that may jeopardize the safety of one's self or others.
  • Skaters shall report all injuries to management regardless of severity.
  • Skaters shall not carry children while on skates anywhere in the building.
  • Skaters shall not take hats, caps, purses, combs, hair brushes, sunglasses, toys, food or any similar items onto the skating floor.
  • Skaters shall place all shoes, coats, purses and personal belongings in a locked locker or check area. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • Non Skating Parents/Legal guardians are charged a $5 Admission Fee. All other guests are required to pay upon entry.
  • All paying guests are required to have skates on at all times.
  • ​Skaters shall remove skates before leaving the building.
  • Skaters shall keep all food and drinks in the snack bar area.
  • Skaters and guests shall not carry food or drinks into this facility.
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or anyone under the influence will not be permitted on premise.
  • Skaters that are designed for a toe or heel stop must be so equipped.
  • Wheels must be clean and suitable for the skating surfaces.
  • No gum chewing allowed in the building.
  • No smoking allowed in the building.

Rules are subject to change.